Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Milestone 'car mode'

Well it's taken some faffing about but I've finally sorted out the car dock mode on my Motorola Milestone. There's a couple of issues to take on board for anybody trying the same thing:
1. The UK (maybe the Milestone as a whole) version doesn't actually have the car app, only the multimedia app. A copy of the app can be located here, but I can't confirm whether it is legitimate or not, just that it works!
2. You have to know where to place the magnet, and you do need only one. A number of places seem to work, however, the most consistent location I discovered was midway between the black Motorola logo on the batter cover and the indentation on the battery cover to allow you to get a grip of the cover to remove it (See below).

3. Depending on whether it's the North or South facing the back of your phone depends on which app (car or media centre) gets activated. My magnet doesn't say which is which, but try it one way, then flip the magnet over and try again if you don't get the desired result.

Media Centre App

Car Dock App

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