Friday, 12 March 2010

A letter to the BBC

A bunch called 38 Degrees or something, have created a site to allow you to submit a letter to the BBC with regard to the proposed cuts.  The suggest some text for you to use and allow you to edit if you see fit.  I didn't think the text was too far off the mark so only modified it slightly, see below.  If you want to submit you own, you can do so here.

HT: RantinRab

Dear BBC Trust,

I am writing to respond to the consultation about the Strategic Review recently published by the Trust. I urge you to escalate and expand your plans to make cuts to the BBC. The current proposals don't go far enough and many pointless services will still be left.

Please go ahead with the current plans to make these cuts and find additional ways to make sure the BBC is further pruned down to size.


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