Tuesday, 22 December 2009

XBox Part 1

A couple of years ago I was searching around for a way to watch video files that I had made and downloaded. There are a number of proprietary bits of hardware out there that will let you stream from a PC to a TV, but they all seemed to be lacking functionality and be expensive for what they were.

During my research I came across this article on Life Hacker about using a classic XBox as a media centre. It all seemed pretty straight forward so I bought a classic XBox off eBay for about £15 which had the DVD IR receiver. I got my hands on the various bits required to soft mod the XBox using Mech Assault and up until a couple of weeks ago had been happily using the XBox as a media centre.

2 Weeks ago, I got the dreaded Red LED of Death and my XBox was little more than a house brick. A colleague from work, very kindly gave me a spare XBox to use. It already had XBMC installed so I configured it for my network and connected with an FTP client to install the latest XBMC files. Unfortunately something went wrong and now it won't boot fully.

After some significant digging around and downloading a whole raft of files, I think I have a way you recover it. It's going to involve doing what's known as a "hot swap" and I'll document my progress on this blog.

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