Thursday, 13 May 2010

The greatness of the NHS

I recently had a eye test which resulted in me needing to be referred to a specialist. It seems recent changes mean that the pressure in my eyes is too high despite it not having changed from the last time.

A couple of weeks later I had a letter from my GP telling me how to book an appointment. I went through the process and was offered 4 local hospitals to choose from. I selected my preferred hospital and was offered 1 timed appointment slot and that was it. I couldn't make that so tried the next, and no appointments were available at all in the next 3 months. The story was the same for the next. Finally at the last hospital there were a few slots but nothing closer than 5 weeks away. So all in all there is the illusion of choice when in reality there is none.


  1. THC reduces intraocular pressure as does smoking it.

    Also make sure you eat liver once a week

  2. As it happens, my eyes were fine, the whole thing was a pointless waste of time.