Tuesday, 20 April 2010

They still don't get it

I just heard McDoom on the radio at lunch time.  He was being asked "what were you thinking when you claimed your cleaning costs on expenses?"

He started to waffle on about how he had 2 residences (3 if you include Chequers) and that he needed a cleaner and how it was only fair to pay her a decent wage.

I have no issue with any of that but the point you so blatantly missed that the young lady was trying to make is "yes, but what on earth made you think it was OK to claim it on expenses and get the tax payer to fork out for it?"

You lot are towards the top end of the salary scale, you get all sorts of things paid for on expenses that us in the real world don't and yet you still think paying for a cleaner this was is somehow acceptable!

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