Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Burning yet more cash!

So as the uproar grew about MP's expenses, Sir Christopher Kelly is commissioned to look in to MP's expenses and report back. However, before, Sir Christopher can even get a notepad out of the central stationery store, the one eyed snot goblin is on You Tube making all sorts of bold statements about how expenses are to be reformed, before the (no doubt expensive) inquiry reports back. Now, the retarded haggis muncher wants to bring in independent auditors to go through every receipt and force MPs to pay back any claims that are considered inappropriate.

Considered inappropriate by whom? We're repeatedly told that no rules were broken with these claims, due to the MPs writing the rules themselves to ensure they had carte blanche to claim for just about any damn thing. So it would seem Gordo is about to piss 10's of thousands more of our pounds away in an effort to bolster his flagging ratings but with little chance of there being any useful outcome from the cash spent!

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